Essay on the concept of “The Copyright”

“Copyright also known as author’s right is an exclusive right that authors have over their artistic and literary work”. So, it is a kind of protection that ranges from all types of literature to computer programs, technical drawings, advertisements, maps, etc. (Kim, 2020) Copyright is a legal term that describes the law that gives protection […]

CHAPTER 1:   Sexual Abuse: Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Aftereffects on Grace

Childhood sexual abuse impacts the victim in the adult age.  Childhood is the age of learning and developing character where a child learns to understand the meaning of being protected. According to Herman, (1992) having stability and a childhood healthy environment allow you to form solid and safe relationships later in life, however, this is […]

Language and Print Literacy development

Introduction A step towards the understanding of language and print literacy is the early keystone for any child. There is a need to understand the concept of language and how the language development process starts in the mind of a child. Language is an organized system of human communication based on words, structurally organized to […]

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