Create a Pareto chart based on the following information. First create a spreadsheet in Excel, using the data. List the most frequent customer problems first. Use the Excel template called “Pareto chart”

Part 1

Part 2:

Research the criteria for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award or a similar quality award provided by another quality organization. Investigate a company that has received this award. What steps did the company take to earn this quality award? What are the benefits of earning a quality award? Summarize your findings in a three page paper. Do not spend all of the paper giving the history of the award. Concentrate on your selected company or companies and answer the questions above.

Malcolm Bаldrige National Quality Award:

Established in 1987, the “Malcolm Bаldrige National Quality Award” is presented to companies that have demonstrated exceptional performance in their respective industries through effective quality management practices. The award originated in the United States and serves as a recognition of a company’s world-class standards in quality management. Named after the renowned US Secretary Malcolm Bаldrige, who advocated for quality management, this award is a testament to the importance of quality management in creating a competitive advantage for businesses.

Investigation and benefits of earning Malcolm Bаldrige National Quality award:

The legacy of Malcolm Baldridge endures as a champion of quality management principles. His namesake award recognizes businesses that excel in seven key areas of quality management, setting a standard of excellence for organizations to strive towards. The criteria for this prestigious accolade requires recipients to prioritize the delivery of ever-improving value to their customers while also promoting the sustained growth and development of their organization. By promoting a culture of continuous improvement, the Baldridge Award inspires organizations to achieve world-class levels of quality and performance.

The seven categories are explained below, which make up the award in certain criteria:

  1. Leadership:

The concept of leadership within an organization refers to the manner in which top management guides the company in fulfilling its responsibilities to the public and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders.

  • Strategic Planning:

Strategic planning is a critical component of an organization’s success, as it defines the company’s overarching goals and objectives, and sets out the plan for achieving them.

  • Customer and Market Focus:

 Customer and market focus is an essential element of organizational success, as it involves the process of determining customer requirements and working towards meeting their expectations, building strong relationships with them, and remaining competitive in the market.

  • Information and Analysis:

The effective use of data and analysis is crucial to support organizational processes and improve performance. Information and analysis helps to create a foundation upon which organizations can make informed decisions.

  • Human Resource Focus:

Human resource focus is a critical aspect of an organization’s success, as it examines how the company is supporting its workforce to reach their full potential in alignment with the organization.

  • Process management:

Business results evaluation is a comprehensive examination of performance in key areas such as market standing, financial stability, human resources management, customer satisfaction, and competition. This analysis provides valuable insights for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Business Results:

Assessing Business Results is a crucial aspect of evaluating a company’s overall performance. It entails analyzing several critical areas, including the company’s market performance, financial performance, human relations, customer satisfaction, and performance in comparison to competitors. By evaluating these key performance indicators, businesses can gain valuable insights into their strengths and areas that require improvement. This analysis helps businesses make informed decisions and take strategic actions to enhance their overall performance and achieve their desired outcomes.


An annual recognition program awards commendations in six distinct categories, including manufacturing, service companies, small businesses, education, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. Notably, in 2002, Motorola Inc. Commercial was presented with the esteemed Malcolm Bаldrige National Quality Award, a prestigious accolade for exceptional performance. In 2014, four outstanding US organizations were honored with this award. These included PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector Practice for service, Hill Country Memorial and St. David’s HealthCare for healthcare service, and Elevations Credit Union for non-profit contributions. All recipients excelled in all seven categories, striving to improve their strengths and overall performance. This award is a valuable tool for companies to self-assess and improve their performance, fostering stronger relationships among their employees and with the public, while practicing good citizenship.


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