Why should we do a literature review in our research paper? What is its importance and how does it help us in writing a good quality of work?

The literature review is an essential part of any research paper and provides a comprehensive overview of the existing literature on a given topic. It allows the author to contextualize their own research within the body of existing knowledge and demonstrates a deep understanding of the subject area. A literature review is also an opportunity for the author to identify gaps in the literature and suggest potential areas for further research.

A well-written literature review can also help to improve the reception and acceptance of your paper by highlighting its contribution to the field. By providing a clear understanding of the state-of-the-art and suggesting possible future developments, a literature review can help to make your paper more relevant and appealing to reviewers and readers.

Finally, a literature review can help to refine and sharpen your own research question or hypothesis by forcing you to critically assess existing literature. A poorly developed or incoherent literature review is often a sign that the researcher’s hypothesis is not well founded or that their understanding of the field is shaky, so it can be a useful early warning system for researchers who are in danger of heading down the wrong path.

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