What is the best way to carry out academic research?

That is an interesting question, I would love to follow 5 steps.

1. Formulation of Working Hypothesis:

Because a working hypothesis is a penetrating hunch, guess or the provisional explanation of the problem under study.

2. Preparation of Research Design:

We all know a research design is a detailed plan or a strategy of conducting research. It answers the questions—what, how, when/where, and why about the facts to be collected for the study.

3. Collection of Data:

I believe the gathering of data and information begins in accordance with the research design. By collecting the data, the researcher tests the hypotheses which he may ultimately accept, change, or abandon.

4. Analysis of Data:

When you done with collecting data, then don’t forget it to assembled, organised and classified in such a way that the hypothesis can be tested.

5. Drawing Conclusions in the form of Theoretical Formulations and Generalisations:

Scientists are not concerned with isolated phenomena or events. They aim to discover under the surface layer of diversity of these events, a thread of uniformity.

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