What is a conflict in a personal narrative essay?

A conflict is the main problem or situation that needs to be resolved in a story. In a personal narrative essay, a conflict can take many different forms. It can be a physical altercation, or it can be an argument between two people.

It can also be a misunderstanding or an event that causes someone pain or suffering. The important thing is that the essay needs to address the conflict and try to resolve it in some way.

A well-written essay will explain how the conflict was resolved and what the author learned from the experience. One of the most common types of conflicts in a personal narrative essay is family drama.

This type of conflict often involves fighting or disagreement between family members. Other common types of conflicts include health issues, relationships, and self-esteem issues.

Whatever type of conflict you are dealing with, it is important that you explain your experience with the problem and how you resolved it in some way. This will help your reader understand your perspective on the situation and give them some insight into your life and personality.

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