What are your thoughts about having another year of online classes?

According to me there are four main challenge

**Top 4 Challenges to manage Online class: ** ()

**1. Internet Connectivity**

Internet connectivity is still a huge problem in rural and remote areas. In the case of a concurrent number of exams, internet connectivity can be a huge challenge for the smooth flow and execution of the online class.

**2. Question Bank Preparation**

When we have exam unfortunately

The quality of an online exam depends the quality of the question bank and its accuracy. The exam administration should ensure that the question papers are set at a high standard and they are prepared byexperts of the subject matter or syllabus.

**3.Computer Literacy.

**Although students are generally tech savvy, and thus able to manage computers well, lack of computer literacy is a major issue among students today. Many of them cannot operate basic programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and therefore are not able to handle their files.

**4.Time Management.

**Time management is a difficult task for eLearners, as online courses require a lot of time and intensive work. We are living in a Time where we must have to prioritize things. Students have jobs, business, health, and dreams to pursue. We have offering academic writing services to those who really don’t have time to sit on chairs and doing unbreakable activities of the class.

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