What are the characteristics of a good writing and research question?

It will not be vague or confusing, but well-defined and specific. It will also allow for creativity and imagination on the part of the writer, while still remaining practical and realistic. Additionally, a good question will be relevant and timely, addressing concerns or interests of readers.

For a question to be answered, it must be clear, specific, and well-researched. It should contain enough information for a reader to understand the question and provide a thorough answer, with no spelling or grammar errors.

A good question will lead the reader through the process of answering it and will provide all of the resources necessary for an answer
A good research question has the following characteristics:

1. It is specific: A good research question is specific and clear, so that it can be answered by research. A good research question should be specific, focused and narrow, so that it can be answered with a research study.

2. It is relevant: A good research question should be relevant to the field of research. It should be important and meaningful to researchers in the field.

3. It is testable: A good research question can be tested through a research study. It should be answerable by means of empirical evidence, such as data or experiment results.

4. It is original: A good research question should be new and unique, so that it can advance our understanding of the subject. It should not be obvious or well-known

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