What are some tips for writing an interesting introduction paragraph for an essay or speech?

The first thing to remember is that an introduction is not the most important part of your essay or speech. The most important part is the body, where you actually make the argument. The introduction is just meant to attract the reader’s attention and introduce them to your topic.

There are a few things you can do to make your introduction more interesting:

1. Start with a question or a dramatic statement: Instead of just stating the topic, ask your readers what they think about it or start with something shocking that grabs their attention.

2. Use interesting examples or analogies: If possible, include examples from real life or history that can help explain your topic.

3. Use good writing techniques: Make sure your writing is clear and concise, using active verbs and appropriate punctuation.

4. End with a cliffhanger: This is a classic sales technique that works well in introductions as well. End by raising a question that makes the reader want to find out the answer in the body of your essay or speech.

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