Research Essay-guide

Research Essay-guide: Write a 3,000-word individual research essay on the ethical
implications of Al in the business of auditing.

Your essay
should consider:
• Whether the risks raised by Munoko et al 2020 in relation
to the use of Al in the field of auditing are valid:
• Whether the approach/es Munoko et al 2020 propose to
address the risks of Al in auditing are appropriate;
Whether there are other risks regarding the
implementation of Al in the field of auditing that
Munoko et al 2020 did not address in their article, and if
so, how should we address these risks?
• Whether there are any other frameworks that may be
more suitable to assessing/addressing the risk of AI in
• Whether the risks posed by AI in the field of auditing are
specific to auditing, or whether the risks are similar to
other business areas/sectors.

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