Memo Writing: Academic Skills and Communication

Academic Skills and Communication

My declared business major is in Management Information systems. Pursuing a career in MIS demands work with technology and systems as well as interpersonal and communication skills which help to recruit information from various functional areas in the organization. Comparatively, I am confident in critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to deal with complexity.

However, my goals are to improve working under short deadlines as well as acquire strong technical skills for the management of information. Based on the student readiness self-assessment survey, I am self-directed and good at planning as I am doing well in online courses. I set small, incremental goals, and I understand, how to value periodic breaks and rewards.

In the same regard, communication is the key to maintaining strong working credibility at all levels of an organization. According to Melancon, effective communication builds trust between employees, which can ultimately lead to increased credibility and a boost in morale (Meloncon, 2018).

I have planned to polish three major skills: working under short deadlines; working under pressure, and time management skills. Working under pressure is needed for effective problem solving as it is one of the main requirements of numerous MIS executives’ roles. A candidate should be an expert in these skills as a lack of these skills will impact career options.

On the other side, it promotes a unified approach which makes it easier to solve the problem. Learning the ability to work well under pressure is obligatory as everyone has to deal with pressure in their professional lives. I plan to develop these skills by having believed that hard skills refer to proficiency in any complex task as well as keeping in mind that good skills set leads to permanent success. Moreover, by making it a fun Challenge and contrary action with purposeful Slacking.

To summarize, pursuing a career in Management Information Systems requires interpersonal and communication skills which help to recruit information from various functional areas in the organization. I value the Online Learning Readiness Self-Assessment as I am self-directed and strategic. However, sometimes procrastinations lead to waiting until the due date of the assignment. Afterward, for each course, the action plan is to consider the syllabus as an official record and mark the syllabus as important data to avoid any procrastination.

Meloncon, L. (2018). Orienting Access in Our Business and Professional Communication Classrooms. Business And Professional Communication Quarterly, 81(1), 34-51. DOI: 10.1177/2329490617739885
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