Lesson Plan Design and Critique – EDC473 40%

Short Description:

Teacher candidates design a lesson plan for a 45-minute session which demonstrates the ability to apply a range of instructional strategies leading to children’s language and literacy development. They then teach the lesson to one child or more children in the early elementary grades for 10 minutes.

Detailed Description:

Teacher candidates design a lesson plan which demonstrates the ability to apply a range of instructional strategies leading to children’s language and literacy development.

This lesson plan should be designed using the standard Department of Education Studies Lesson Planning Template. This lesson plan forms the basis of the rubric used to assess the lesson plan, incorporating specific instructional strategies to language and literacy development.

Teacher candidates explain their rationale for the lesson plan in the context of a week’s work, and in terms of the range and balance of developmentally appropriate practices, approaches and materials, in a literacy-rich environment.

Having designed the lesson plan for an appropriate year group, teacher candidates then facilitate the delivery of the lesson to a small group of children or one child. If a small group of children is not available in person, the lesson may be taught to one child/ /peers virtually.

Teacher candidates then appraise the design and delivery of the lesson in relation to the developmentally appropriate practices, approaches and materials utilized, with a particular focus on putting this learning into practice for the future.

Lesson Design

If a group of children are not available to teach, you may teach one child.
If the children or one child are not physically available, it is acceptable to teach virtually
A weekly plan is not required. However, candidates need to explain in the rationale how the lesson is related/ connected to the lesson before and the after this lesson. (The lessons have the same theme, developmental in phonology, morphology, semantics (vocabulary), syntax, and or pragmatics) to build on prior knowledge and construct new knowledge.
The full and detailed lesson plan is for 45 minutes. All materials need to be included so that a substitute teacher may teach the lesson without help.
Actual teaching of the child/ children is 10 minutes
No pictures or videos of children are required for the assignment.
Images of teaching and assessment material are required. Candidates include actual contributions or responses from students, whiteboard writing by the candidates, . . . etc. (i.e. products of the lesson).
Literacy teaching topics to grades 1 to 5 may include vocabulary, reading (reading aloud, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading), beginning writing, balanced literacy, literacy learning centers, . . . or related integrated thematic literacy.

Teaching and Learning Sequence


How will I access prior knowledge in this lesson?

How will I introduce the learning in this lesson?

Allocate timing


What will I do to help the children achieve each learning outcome?

Include content, specific questions to be asked, specific interaction patterns, specific activities

Include Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and learning centers (depending on which are applicable)

Allocate timing for each step of the lesson


How will I close the lesson?

How will the learning in the lesson be drawn together?


Describe the strategies you will use to cater for diverse learners’ needs in this lesson

Educational Technology

Describe any educational technology used to support the lesson (if applicable) Applications, multi-media,

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