Leadership Roles & Functions In The Future


This case study is aimed to help Managers understand leadership roles and functions in the future. It helps us to understand the function of organizations and their interrelation with people. It happens when Girish Sharma, a State Administrative Officer in Clarion, calls from his mentor to take on the challenge of a new posting. It requires him to leave the mantle of the administrative officer and work in the managerial capacity for the benefit of the rural poor. This case study calculates the entire journey, with the finest of details, in which both the chief and the organization undergo transition and transformation.


(August 2004) It was a different practice for Girish as it was a committee; this was altogether different as it was a unique form of project and deputation posting being funded by the World Bank. The journey started when he reached Narsinghpur for the office, and there was no protocol, not even a single vehicle, to reach his destination. The office was on rent, and he had never faced such an experience before. On the first day, he met with Chauvin, a district finance manager who informed me that he was on deputation posting and belonged to accounts services, and met with Dip Anker Chakravarty, who told him that his designation was a district task manager. It was how miserable the condition was that there was no person in the office. DFM told him that the Narsinghpur project never had a full-time DPM since the start of the project in the district in 2001-02. On the first day, the experience left him in a state of shock and disappointment.


After a long assessment, he decided to accept the challenge and had a long pondered with DPM and DFM. He came up with a solution. He fixed an urgent meeting with PFT, and they will scrutinize the projects. They will examine the plans. This not only resulted in clearing a huge backlog, but cross-learning across PFT was also a great outcome. When he paid to visit with the World Bank team at the time of his transfer, all crew were so impressed that they recommended a project extension for another 5 years for the entire state.

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