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Cyber security legislation is the need of the day in the USA. Though some rules are there for better security and protection of damage to the internet users however crimes ratio advocates that present legislation is not enough to deal with cybercrimes effectively. Even in 2020, 38 states of America are lacking cyber security legislation. California’s security of connected devices legislation is in effect from January 2020 ( Petter,2021). Additionally, the law states appropriate and reasonable security measures which is a broader term. It requires more specifications for the sale and purchase of connected devices to be more effective. In 2017, more than 143 million people in America became victims of cybercriminals. 80 percent of Americans claim that they know a victim of cybercrimes.

Many Law enforcement agencies like the FBI cyber wing and National Defense Cyber Alliance (NDCA) are working to chase and investigate cybercrimes for the safety of the people. But they find it hard when there is electronic proof of the crime committed or the damage claimed by the victim. It means the steps are taken and the professional skill of the agencies is still to be improved and polished. The center of internet complaints receives 791,790 cases in 2020 which is 300,000 more than in 2019. This shows the rapid increase of cyber crimes and their expertise to breach and deceive the network systems and security agencies. There is no single federal law to control privacy, cyber security, and information system in the country. Careful cooperation, coordination, a collaboration of states and institutions, systems, and technologies are required for cyber security (Soni, 2020). In short, the aim of this essay is to indicate stringent cyber policies and discuss the USA government’s cyber activities for the growing cases of cyber security crimes in the USA.


USA and Cyber security

The USA is the largest user of internet services. Despite the laws being present, much can be done to improve cyber security in the USA. Besides legislation and law enforcement agencies, more steps like increased knowledge of cyber security and free education can be more helpful. Government should improve and upgrade the security systems to deal with the ever new ways of cybercrimes. Proper auditing of the security system of companies will increase the credibility and trust of the customers and clients. Social engineering will help people realize their vulnerable points to be protected against cybercrimes, it will be a great deal as everybody uses social media for refreshment, recreation, and advertisement purposes.

The use of cyber security education and awareness illustrates the importance and use of devices more safely. It will enable the people to know more about personal particulars against criminals. Monitoring the most effective measures for cyber security, careful monitoring of the use of devices will decrease any threat to personal and national information. Physical securing, guarding, and industry compliances are some other ways for better cyber security in the USA. These measures make internet users more safe and confident in their day-to-day business.

Advance cyber security issues

With the rapid emergence and development of technology, internet users are facing a more delicate situation. New agencies and institutions are necessary to tackle the new technology used by cybercriminals. Law enforcement agencies must progress at a higher pace than the criminals to deal with them effectively and efficiently. Cyber security should be more developed and advanced to eliminate the threat of cybercrimes. America established a cyber security infrastructure agency in 2018. It was expected to improve the cyber security situation in the country. But massive attacks on most cyber security agencies in the UAS by foreign hackers are a question mark on the performance of the law enforcement agencies. 

It is felt badly that there is a dire need for more efficient, proficient, and equipped agencies to ensure the cyber security measure in America. These agencies should not chase the criminals after the damage has occurred.  These agencies should be proactive to detect the vulnerable points to guard them against criminals. People should be taught and trained to be aware of the rights and responsibilities connected to this concern to improve cyber security. In time information about new trends in cybercrimes and advanced technology used by criminals should be known by the information officers to save the people and government from the damage (Nadikattu & Rahul, 2020). The ultimate purpose of these agencies should be the protection and improvement of cyber security of government institutions, organizations, and internet networks to make the use of the internet more reliable and trusted. 

Failure of cyber security

Easy access to the internet and lack of cybercrime laws are opportunities for cyber crimes to take a safe shelter in developing countries. Africa, India, and Kenya have become a paradise for cybercriminals. It is difficult for cybercrime control agencies to detect and chase them. Though several steps have been developed by the Director of the National Intelligence office that help to detect and permit immediate actions against cybercriminals and hackers the laws global laws are inefficient for the curbing of such criminals. The laws formed are outdated and require revision on a regular basis to cope with the modern style of cybercrimes. It is again difficult due to the state-sponsored cyber attack policies of American authorities. The use of malware for hacking is not unusual for investing purposes. This also encourages breaches in network systems and makes it easier for criminals to take advantage of them..


Cybercrimes go further to cyber espionage and cyberwar, no hurdle is placed in their way of progression. It can only be done through effective, efficient, research-based, and up-to-date cyber laws for foolproof cyber security. It requires diligence and commitment to framing some globally agreed rules to save the internet using community (Gumbi, 2018).  Rapidly increasing cybercrimes can only be controlled by detecting and punishing criminals anywhere in the world with the same zeal and zest through agreed legislation by the nations indiscriminately.


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