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According to Villanova University, data sources are a component of Business
Intelligence refers to a variety of stored data (raw data from which meaningful information can be
derived). (Body Section, para.6) Secondly, data sources can also refer to a location whereby
various forms of data relevant to business intelligence are stored (Introduction section, para 1 ).
From these definitions, it is evident that data sources are essential in providing the necessary
sources of raw data from which essential decisions that will promote a business can be made.
(Edwards, 2019).

Business Intelligence, which relies on various types of datsources,es are key since they serve as the
building blocks for the configuration of Business Intelligence. The existing sources of data for
Business Intelligence includes web services, databases, RSS feeds, and flat files. Databases are
considered to be the traditional source of data for Business Intelligence. Some of the well-known brands that offer databases for use in Business Intelligence include Oracle, DB2, SQL, Amazon SimpleDB, and many others.

Secondly, flat files are a source of data
for BI, which involves the utilization of Microsoft Excel (“Business Intelligence (BI). Using
Data for Better Business Results”, 2020). Thirdly, RSS feeds involve web feeds that allow
users and applications to access updates from websites that have meaningful data to guide
Business Intelligence. Finally, various web services can be used to extract data that can in turn
be used to guide the direction of Business Intelligence.

Data sources are essential in offering raw data that guides the decisions that are made.
within a company. From the meaningful information acquired from data sources, an entity can determine whether a certain strategy is benefitting the organization or not. Making data-driven decisions helps the company stay ahead of its competitors and, more importantly,
remain relevant to the existing market.

I have been exposed to various forms of data sources, specifically web services. I know
of a plugin called Alexa, which helps you to collect information about different existing business
websites. For instance, to optimize a company’s website, you can optimize by looking at

the keywords consumers use to search for competitors. Such data-driven strategies are a
sure way of getting ahead of competitors. Additionally, I have heard about how google
analytics can be used to acquire useful information that can guide the decisions of a business.
Without a doubt, Business Intelligence depends on how much data is available and there are a
variety of data sources that a business can use.


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