Criminal as a hero: “How Netflix is showing criminals as heroes?”



Nowadays, criminal justice is a popular theme not only in news media but also in entertainment media such as Netflix. Netflix media understand this societal fascination with violence and murder. They exploit this obsession through excessive coverage of murder and murderers. Through this coverage, people get to know these killers and become familiar with their lives and ways of thinking. Serial killers not only become stars but to some people, they become kind of heroes. Most serial killers start their lives as unknowns, but through their crimes, they become superstars, known throughout the country. Such as we see in the Netflix series “Dexter and 13 reasons why” On the other side, it is proven that media shape people’s understanding of their world and societal values. So, this is how crime and justice issues are framed and can legitimize corruption in a society.

Questions based on previous background information:

  1. What should be the ultimate definition of a hero?
  2. How can we define criminals?
  3. What is the role of the media? 
  4. What is the impact of media on today’s society? 
  5. What is the ideology of the media? 
  6. Why media present the criminal as the hero? 
  7. Is it okay to do the wrong action with the right motive? 
  8. Influence of media on society? 
  9. What are media criminalities and potentially distorted social construction of crime?


Working thesis: 

The role of media in misrepresenting the definition of heroes is critical, as we see in the Netflix killers series. They present some monstrous characters in their series, which badly impact the psychological condition of the people;  Further, it has become the reason for disarray in society and even has changed the definition of the bad and good.  

So, I argue if the media messages influence society, then there is a need to understand how and why these messages are constructed, and what type of psychological roles these messages play in our society. Here needs to investigate and supervise every series and serial on Netflix effectively. This thesis will examine how Netflix creates notions of reality and what messages they want to give us through killers serial such as Dexter and 13 reasons why.


Background knowledge:

Today, everyone is curious to know about the hidden role of the media, at the same I have also curious about the ideology of the media. I want to know how they brainwash the mind of the people and lead their ideology. According to Kam keelson reports, not only teens, and children but even adults are being impacted by the “Netflix Effect.”  People idealized the person who had idealized in the different series on Netflix. It is figured out that the Netflix coverage fuels serial killers to continue killing. 

 The reason is a desire for fame and the desire to become a story.  Serial killers find the chance to be their stories known, and they know that the mass media is the best outlet to use to achieve these goals.  Some killers even send letters to the media to the public their stories through them, it is amazing to know that In the case of Jack the Ripper, reported by Seltzer, “They received a series of more than 300 letters mailed to the London press, those were unauthorized and unknown signed Jack the Ripper. 


It is imperative to know about the agenda of every type of media so that a common man could not impress by the motive present in the media openly. I believe that after this research, I will learn why entertainment media such as Netflix represent killers and criminals as heroes. The outcomes and reasons will give new to the critical reader, my classmates, and the instructor.


  1. Keywords research:  Keywords for my study will be the following: Media impact, criminals as heroes, Netflix impact, dexter, mind hunter, 13 reasons why society.
  2. Library Research: In the research methodology, I will use a mixed approach in my study.  I will look at some books in the library that talk about the role of media study and the ideology of media study. Also, I will have a look at some books that talk about how media influence the way of thinking, and how media is forming the culture and changing the norms as I have chosen the topic of media presenting the criminals as heroes. Further, I will use the E- databases in the library to search for these keywords and have ma ore deeper sight into this topic.
  3. Internet Research: I will utilize the internet as a source of my study by searching the keywords and getting all the previous research articles published on my topic. The website will be the leading site I will use to search for my information. Also, I will look at some other non-academic websites to see the general perspectives on how the media is presenting criminals as heroes. 
  4. Field Research: I will conduct interviews with the user of Netflix to know their perception about the aggressive aspect of how wrong they are portraying the hero’s picture.  Furthermore, I will use questionnaires as a technique for gathering information from both the lover and haters of Netflix media.

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