In this study, the theory of Psychoanalysis has been used as a mechanism to find out the hidden meaning of the novel “The Comeback”, particularly with the character of Grace. In the same way, we become familiars with the execution of the Trauma theory. Grace faces trauma in the form of childhood sexual abuse and it impacts the development of her character. So, this  Psychoanalytical Study has traced the Traumatic impact on Grace’s character.  

Grace is manipulated by the Hollywood director Able Yorke. Because of this trauma, she went out of control and she become addicted to drugs to escape her life. Immediately one day she disappears from the public eye when she was nominated for an award. She spends the year quietly. This research work has provided an understanding of the Trauma theory from the novel  “The Comeback” protagonist as well as learning the concept of psychoanalysis and how it relates to the literature. In the second place, it explores the execution of the psychoanalysis theory on the literary text of the Grace character by exploring the unknown and hidden perspective of Grace Character employing the trauma theory. The interrogation of this research is the justification of how childhood sexual abuse and its aftereffects impact the development of  Grace’s character and more particularly to what extent does the sexual abuse of the protagonist shows her abnormal behavior, So, this dissertation has provided a comprehensive understanding of psychoanalysis as well as trauma theory under the observation of the Berman’s novel The  Comeback.

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