Compare and Contrast the Culture of Pakistan and Canada


Culture plays a major role in any society. Every country has its own cultural values, and norms, which could be considered its most costly asset and sometimes become the reason behind its identity. In simple words, culture is a system or the way we see and do things as a society and an important part of the way we experience life. (Culture and Society | Boundless Sociology, 2021). The aim of this essay is to compare and contrast the culture of Pakistan and Canada which can be done by focusing on three main parts of the discussion: The daily lifestyles, festivals, and historical places of both countries.


Pakistani culture represents the sub-continent and Islamic culture. In Pakistan, people used to celebrate different festivals according to Islamic culture which is because of religious influence as 98% of the population of Pakistan is Muslim (Enoote,21).  Pakistani culture has festivals such as Eid, Shabraat, and Qurbani which are pure Islamic values. On the contrary, Canadian culture has been influenced by European culture and traditions, mostly by the British and French. In contrast to Pakistani culture, Canadian culture seems diverse that represents cowboy hoe-down to sophisticated cultural events (Toolstoy, 2021). For example, Canadian festivals such as Vancouver, the Calgary Stampede, Edmonton Folk Festival. So, the reason behind dissimilarities is the different cultural backgrounds these two countries have, as Pakistani culture is embedded with Islam values whereas the Canadian carries the liberal stuff influenced by the British and French.

The next discussion part which can help in comparing the culture of Pakistan and Canada is the historical places of both countries. Historical places have a soul and this soul always has a great impact on the culture of that country.  We can find a variety of historical places that signify the unique traditions and culture of Pakistan. Harappa, Mohenjo- Daro, and Taxila are the most renowned historical places of Pakistan which are historical because of their precious history. For example, Harappa has been recognized with the Indus Valley Civilization which is considered the most developed Civilization in the old Bronze Age. On the other side, historical places of Canada are some of the most impressive natural wonders in the world such as Fort Garry Hotel, Dawson, Yukon Territory, Fortifications of Québec (Chorney-Booth, 2021).  So, what makes both countries different, is the reason because of how historical they are. Pakistani historical places are more known for their old being whereas Canada has places that are natural wonders.


In this essay, I have compared and contrasted the countries of Pakistan and Canada by analyzing their differences and similarities in festivals, and historical places. Finally, we find out that Pakistani culture is traditional and conservative, on the contrary, Canadian culture is liberal. In Pakistan, people celebrate festivals according to Islamic culture whereas Canadian culture is diverse (Chorney-Booth, 2021). the cultures of Canada and Pakistan are different from each other and these differences make both countries’ cultures great and unique. This topic has appealed to me that there should be a compression between these two countries on lifestyles of the people.







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