Assignment Specifications:
Team Project Title: SAP HANA

Scope of this Project
SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform deployable on premise, or in the cloud. It is best suited for performing real-time data analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications.
At the core of this real-time data platform is the SAP HANA database, which is different from any other database engine in the market today.
You will discuss in detail:
SAP HANA-Modeling
SAP Reporting
SAP HANA database and SAP HANA-SQL
Companies using SAP HANA
Provide Charts, and diagrams to clarify concepts, also, list source(s).
You will provide a summary providing key benefits of SAP HANA particularly its in-memory data platform and how SAP implements it.
Also, write a paragraph on Oracle, if Oracle is doing something
similar to SAP HANA

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