APL341 Lesson planning & rational assessment instructions (30%)

You need to: 

  1. Design a language teaching lesson plan (L2 English for Arabic L1 students) for a 1-period (45 minutes) for Grade 3 class. 
  • What part of language are you teaching? (adjectives, nouns, past tense)
  • How will you break up the session?
  • What activities will you add?
  • What resources will you use? 
  • Do you need to use technology? 
  • How will you ensure you address differentiation? 
  • How are you measuring meta-linguistic awareness? 
  • What 3 questions will you ask students (to ensure they understand the concept(s)?)
  1. Then write a small theoretical rationale to support their design choices.
  • What theories are you using to plan the session? Constructivism? Behaviourism? Audiolingual aspects? Sociocultural theories? Cognitive theories?
  • How will you deal with errors? 
  • How will you accommodate corrective feedback? What type of corrective feedback? 
  • What type of classroom environment are you creating? Structure-based instruction? Communicative instruction?

Consult chapters 4,5 and 6 in the course textbooks or similar material. 

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