Academic Source: Powers, Shawn, and Mohammed El-Nawawy.

Academic Source:

Powers, Shawn, and Mohammed El-Nawawy. “Al-Jazeera English and Global News Networks: Clash of Civilizations or Cross-Cultural Dialogue?” Media, War & Conflict, vol. 2, no. 3, 2009, pp. 263-284.


Satellite television was dramatically introduced to the Arab world during the first Gulf War in 1991 and has changed the structure of the global media, as well as the role of the news media in times of conflict. During the last decade of the 20th century, several communication scholars argued that we were entering an era of globalization whereby international news media were creating, for the first time, a global public sphere. Sadly, despite the promise of new media technologies providing for cross-cultural engagement, it seems that audiences around the world are increasingly turning to broadcasters for information that they find to fit within their pre-existing world views.


Powers is an Associate Professor of Communication at Georgia State University, and ElNaway is Knight-Crane’s endowed chair and Assistant Professor in the Knight School of Communication at the Queen’s University of Charlotte. Considering there are two authors, of different backgrounds, this source is quite objective rather than biased. The purpose of this source is to help examine what is the influence of AJE is today and helps determine if AJE is biased, or not. The audience of source is really anyone that is interested in AJE. The perspective of this source is from a communications point of view, and it is looking at the effect of AJE on the public sphere.


This source basically gives the backdrop of AJE and why it started, as well as goes in depth as to the legitimacy of the news channel. The source is helpful asit provides a lot of great info on AJE, including its influence and if it is biased or not. It will help me shape my argument as stated, in terms of examining AJE’s from a perspective of communication professors, from different parts of the world. I will be using this source to support my argument in my research paper. It is different compared to my other sources in how the author emphasized on how the idea of how satellite television was introduced to the Arab world and how it changed the structure of global media.

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