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This psychoanalytical study is the study of the novel “The Comeback” written by Ella Berman in 2020. Frued (1950) proclaims that Psychoanalysis theory deals with the specific premises of the workings of the mind. Most of the novel’s chapters deal with Grace’s character, who is exploited and manipulated at the age of fourteen by The Hollywood director, Able Yorke. She seems to have fame and a reputation as a superstar but on the inside, she is broken and living a miserable life because of the traumatic experiences of sexual abuse. She becomes addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Freud (1896) names this situation the effect of trauma. This dissertation provides the understanding of Trauma theory through the character of the protagonist of the novel The Comeback, and it also presents the execution of the psychoanalysis theory by exploring the unknown and hidden perspectives of Grace’s character. This research highlights how childhood sexual abuse impacts the development of Grace’s character, and how sexual abuse leads to her Abnormal behavior. 

It is a very common observation that the human mind tends to retain some memories even if they are bad or good, any experience which leaves an impact on a person’s life stays in the memory. That particular experience becomes eternalized in the memory of that person. Although the event that happened once, does not go on happening again and again, but in the memory of the traumatized victim, it becomes eternal. It happens again and again and always leaves the person in the same agonized state in which he/she was left when encountered with that very experienced for the first time. There are times when a sudden outburst, a certain event, or even the slightest idea can lead to the disorientation of thoughts and activities, just because the person feels that he is experiencing the same event again, only that he is not and it is just his memory of the circumstance which makes him feel like this.


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Informal learning refers to learning that occurs away from an organized and structured, and predefined classroom environment. Saudi EFL students’ perceptions of learning English through informal out-of-class activities are convinced and they are inspired about learning English through informal out-of-class activities. They are convinced by Out-of-Class informal activities because these are opportunities for students to learn with the freedom to find knowledge from their preferred sources. According to their perspective, formal learning channels have largely been established, such as schools, colleges, and universities; on the opposite informal channels have been ignored completely. However, in this research, we have found that students and educators have recently started to realize that informal learning can gain a great deal of information. It is a style of learning in which the students can set their goals and objectives (Conner, 2004).

Word Count: 3040

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Reference Style: MLA

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The literature review first outlines the global growth of the English language, then follows with an emphasis on learning English as a foreign language (EFL). This order has been chosen to specifically focus on the field and learning of English in Saudi Arabia. It considers the literature on the impact of out-of-class activities on students in terms of EFL learning. Furthermore, the review concentrates on understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of learners and their use of ‘out-of-class activities in the process of learning English in their daily lives. The review of the literature will also evaluate the approaches to learning English as a foreign language within the Saudi Arabian context to understand the possible implications of adopting out-of-class activities within the English language learning environment.

Word Count: 13467

Cited By: 66

Reference Style: APA , MLA

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