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With various technological advancements taking place globally, online learning in the educational sector is quite inevitable. Despite its few advantages, like conferring student flexibility and allowing learning to take place at learners’ pace, online learning has various advantages that are attributed to it. Some of these disadvantages include: it weakens the student-teacher relationship, it is expensive, there is limited student feedback, it is theory-oriented rather than practical oriented, it requires people who are good time managers and self-motivated, and computer illiterate people cannot access online learning, it lacks quality assurance and accreditation, and exam cheating is hard to control. Unlike classroom teaching, online learning provides limited room for immediate feedback.

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Rebecca and her colleagues (2006) experimented on the topic of Naps Promote Abstraction in Language-Learning Infants. The researcher claims that after sleep the memory and learning process effectively increases. An experimental study was designed on children who were in the speech and language learning stage. Participants were 15 months old male and female children. Different types of words were used with the first 3 and last 3 words of a thing without making their sense and meaning. There were two groups of participants. One group of children was allowed to sleep at their usual time and the other was a control group that couldn’t sleep after listening to the recorded sound by an instrument. Results indicated that the group who did not allow sleeping had a poor memory, and children who slept before memorization and memorized after sleep showed great learning ability and memory in language.  

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Johnson F. Kennedy was selected in 1935 as the 35th president of the United State. At the start of the first speech, he used logos by saying that he wanted to see the “The world is very different now. A man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe, the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but the hand of God”. By the use of parallelism he stated that “we observe today not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom, symbolizing an end as well as a beginning, signifying renewal as well as change”.

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Any social issue, especially religion, is a complex phenomenon that always remains unsolved and as an open-ended argument. In literature, we have many critics, who have done effective literary criticism on different social issues. On the long list of those scholars, there are also names Martin Luther King and David Cameron, whose are considered towering figures of their time. Martin Luther openly denies the abuse of power by the Roman Church and considers the teaching of the Bible to be the final verdict of a believer’s life rather than any other agenda-based institute. In contrast, David is more inclined to believe in the eternally divided conscience of a human to differentiate between right and wrong without Divine intervention.

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It is the responsibility of an entrepreneur to think differently in order to be successful, but without ignoring the high risk of being wrong. Here you have to Zachary; you have to think differently; you have to be confident. This is how Mary Barra is one of the world’s most popular executives at General Motors. Barra believes, that if someone is going to be an entrepreneur, it means s/he is going to do something that he loves the most, as might there be some dark days. This reflection paper discusses the Leadership Next, Mary Barra CEO General Motors.

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America, which is now the democratic and richest country, somewhere in in past, had poor social, economic, and political conditions. So, people decided to manage and make their future worthwhile. In 1873, when Engel reached Philadelphia, he was positive about his life. He was frustrated because of his German lifestyle, so he immigrated and planned to secure his future. But very soon, by staying there, he found the opposite. There were several reasons due to the working-class population was suffering also in America. The labor class was treated badly by not giving them proper equipment for work. Poor people miserably search for food on roads, streets, and by the plenty of trash whenever they felt hungry. He claimed the American elites had all the power: they “gamed” the system so that the working class was impoverished and powerless. For this reason, realizes George Engel realized that America’s economic, political and judicial system would ruin the working class, and he decided to become a socialist.

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This is a basic right of people who have mental disorders, that they receive a high quality of treatment and care. For the regulation of this right, there is a significant number of national policies and legislation that inform governance of mental health and protect mentally disordered people from any form of inhuman treatment and discrimination (Braithwaite, 2013). Further, these policies carry the purpose of guidance and assistance towards consumers and those who care for ill-minded people. Policymakers make policies and strategies for better improvement of the mental health of victims by using the latest resources to achieve the greatest possible outcomes in the field so that they can improve the overall quality of life (“Current Mental Health Legislation”, 2021).

Specifically, two renowned pieces of legislation inform governance of mental health and how people with mental health conditions should receive care and treatment. Here is the Mental Health Act, e 1983, which was later updated by the 2007 Act, and the Mental Capacity Act of 2005 (“What is the Mental Health Act?”, 2021). Add to this, some key national policies are dealt with for the same purpose. So, what we’re doing about mental health matters. According to research (Braithwaite, 2013), almost half of all Australian adults will face mental ill-health at some point in their lives. So, in this particular paper, I am going to Identify key national policy and legislation that informs the governance of mental health; furthermore, the effect of these policies on consumers and who cares.

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The effects of cannabis use in university students as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress have been extensively documented and supported in many studies. Respectively, the articles in this literature review highlight the effects of the use of cannabis in university students as well as students’ positive perceptions of cannabis use. Most of the studies talk about; Students’ motivation behind using cannabis and the role of stress as a motivation for cannabis misuse. Sequentially, the connection between stress and the use of cannabis. This paper gives balanced coverage of the existing literature on the chosen topic. The strengths and limitations, as well as considerations for future research, have also been considered. The scope of the literature has been indicated for use in this literature review. Also, meets the criteria of reliable literature as including the most recent and relevant studies; most of them are quantitative and a few are qualitative studies.

word Count: 957

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Reference style: APA, MLA

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