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In the UAE, people are concerned about their fitness and they consider the sports and fitness industry an essential part of their life. Global Cigna 360 latest report of Wellbeing survey once again has announced the UAE second consecutive year in fitness and wellbeing. This is how, why we should analyse the change in customer perception towards better health and wellness influences product design in the sports and fitness industry. Considering the level of concern, the people have become aware of different aspects of wellbeing and health. Many people have proper knowledge about the sports and fitness products that they want to ensure a better and healthier life. Therefore, (Arabian Business, 2018). 

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Project management is the application of skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques to the activities of the project in order to meet the requirements of the project. PMBOK Guide defines project management as the integration and application of all the concepts required to complete a project. A project is covered in four different stages.

This research proposal focuses on the details of the research project. It starts with the introduction of the project management and the subject of the research of the paper. The proposal analyses the literature on the subject and reviews the concepts proposed by other researchers. The research proposal continues with the description of the research methodology covering the philosophy and approach. It also describes the sampling techniques along with the ethical issues involved in the study. The research proposal presents significance of the research objectives and implementation timetable. The research proposal concludes with the evaluation of the plan. 

encompassing initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing (Gray et al., 2008). 

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For the current research proposal, I will be examining the use of technological
intervention for kids with dyslexia in college. The intervention was recently implemented
which provided a great chance to review its application. The interventions include
certain assertive technologies. The intervention was implemented because it helps in
saving time and overcoming some of the issues the students with dyslexia might
encounter because of their condition (e.g., slow-paced note-taking and illegible
handwriting). As I came across various people with dyslexia and witnessed their
difficulties, thus I am interested in overviewing this intervention.

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Nowadays, criminal justice is a popular theme not only in news media but also in entertainment media such as Netflix. Netflix media understand this societal fascination with violence and murder. They exploit this obsession through excessive coverage of murder and murderers. Through this coverage, people get to know these killers and become familiar with their lives and ways of thinking. Serial killers not only become stars but to some people, they become kind of heroes. Most serial killers start their lives as unknowns, but through their crimes, they become superstars, known throughout the country. Such as we see in the Netflix series of “Dexter and 13 reason why” On the other side, it is proven that media shape people’s understanding of their world and societal values. So, this is how crime and justice issues are framed and can legitimize corruption in a society.

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