Disadvantages of Online Learning

Introduction With various technological advancements taking place globally, online learning in the educational sector is quite inevitable. Despite its few advantages, like conferring student flexibility and allowing learning to take place at learners’ pace, online learning has various advantages that are attributed to it. Some of these disadvantages include: it weakens the student-teacher relationship, it […]

A rhetorical analysis of President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech

A rhetorical analysis of President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech Analysis Johnson F. Kennedy was selected in 1935 as the 35th president of the United State. At the start of the first speech, he used logos by saying that he wanted to see the “The world is very different now. For man holds in his […]

Analysis of David Cameron’s argument with Martin Luther’s Perspective

Introduction Any social issue, especially religion, is a complex phenomenon that always remains unsolved and as an open-ended argument. In literature, we have many critics, who have done effective literary criticism on different social issues. On the long list of those scholars, there are also names Martin Luther King and David Cameron, whose are considered […]

Corruption in Late Nineteenth-Century America and George Engel’s Conversion to Socialism

Introduction America, which is now the democratic and richest country, somewhere in in past, had poor social, economic, and political conditions. So, people decided to manage and make their future worthwhile. In 1873, when Engel reached Philadelphia, he was positive about his life. He was frustrated because of his German lifestyle, so he immigrated and […]

Reflection Paper: Leadership Next, Mary Barra CEO General Motors

  Introduction It is the responsibility of an entrepreneur to think differently in order to be successful, but without ignoring the high risk of being wrong. Here you have to Zachary; you have to think differently; you have to be confident. This is how Mary Barra is one of the world’s most popular executives at […]

Identify Key National Policy and Legislation For Mental Health

  Introduction: This is a basic right of people who have mental disorders, that they receive a high quality of treatment and care. For the regulation of this right, there is a significant number of national policies and legislation that inform governance of mental health and protect mentally disordered people from any form of inhuman […]

Adverse Effects of Social Media on Pakistan

Introduction: In the past couple of decades, social media has evolved and established global fame to the point that many scholars are now keen to learn more about these social networks and their impact on society. While nearly everyone in the community is linked to at least one social network, young people and adolescents are […]