Scope of this ProjectSAP HANA is an in-memory data platform deployable on premise, or in the cloud. It is best suited for performing real-time data analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications. At the core of this real-time data platform is the SAP HANA database, which is different from any other database engine in the […]

Legal Environment Analysis

Describe the legal environment of your chosen country, making specific references to – the rule of law (to what extent is the country governed by law as opposed to arbitrary decisions of individual government officials) and – laws that govern foreign direct investment (for example, are there provisions to attract foreign direct investment, such as […]

Research Essay-guide

Research Essay-guide: Write a 3,000-word individual research essay on the ethicalimplications of Al in the business of auditing. Your essayshould consider:• Whether the risks raised by Munoko et al 2020 in relationto the use of Al in the field of auditing are valid:• Whether the approach/es Munoko et al 2020 propose toaddress the risks of […]

Contingent Claims Assignment

Suppose that we can describe the world using two states and that two assets are available, asset Kan asset L. We assume the asset’s future prices have the following distributionState Future Price Asset KFuture Price Asset L$55$45$60$30The current price of asset K is $50, and the current price of asset L is $50.1. What are […]

It wasn’t like on TV”: Image and Reality for Suburban Women in the 1950s

I. Introduction a. What happened at the end of WWII, that led to the creation of the suburbs b. Why was living in the suburbs considered desirable? c. What problems did people encounter in the suburbs? d. What was women’s lives like in the suburbs, according to the four women interviewed?II. Building Suburbia a. Discuss […]

The Chicago Columbian Exhibition of 1892: Showcasing the Exceptionalism of America

I. Introduction 1. Thesis statement: Why did the Chicago World’s Fair show that America was such an “exceptional country”? What does it seem that the US does better than anyone else? a. Exhibition was created for 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ 1492: why was Columbus’ discovery of America so great? b. What were the key […]

Corruption in Late Nineteenth-Century America and George Engel’s Conversion to Socialism

I. Introduction a. Thesis: Engel became a socialist because he believed that the American economic system, political system, and judicial system exploited the working class, which he belonged to. He claimed the Americans elites had all the power: they “gamed” the system so that the working class was impoverished and powerless. II. Engel’s expectations prior […]