Disadvantages of Online Learning

Introduction With various technological advancements taking place globally, online learning in the educational sector is quite inevitable. Despite its few advantages, like conferring student flexibility and allowing learning to take place at learners’ pace, online learning has various advantages that are attributed to it. Some of these disadvantages include: it weakens the student-teacher relationship, it […]

A rhetorical analysis of President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech

A rhetorical analysis of President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech Analysis Johnson F. Kennedy was selected in 1935 as the 35th president of the United State. At the start of the first speech, he used logos by saying that he wanted to see the “The world is very different now. For man holds in his […]

Analysis of David Cameron’s argument with Martin Luther’s Perspective

Introduction Any social issue, especially religion, is a complex phenomenon that always remains unsolved and as an open-ended argument. In literature, we have many critics, who have done effective literary criticism on different social issues. On the long list of those scholars, there are also names Martin Luther King and David Cameron, whose are considered […]


1.1. Background Language, like other academic disciplines, aims at finding solutions for the post-millennial state of current societies through the shifting of traditionally-established paradigms. Competencies in the English language have become a global necessity (Crystal, 2012). Its application in the learning process and work environment is a reflection of its importance as an international lingua […]


Abstract This psychoanalytical study is the study of the novel “The Comeback” written by Ella Berman in 2020. Frued (1950) proclaims that Psychoanalysis theory deals with the specific premises of the workings of the mind. Most of the novel’s chapters deal with Grace’s character, who is exploited and manipulated at the age of fourteen by […]

Evolution of the Source Cited in a Persuasive Essay

Summary of the source The article, I have chosen for my essay, investigates the impact of oil price shocks on the stock returns of oil companies. It explores the top five oil-importing economies from 2007–2019. A bunch of empirical evidence has been found from the returns of the oil sector stock index. These pieces of […]

The style adopted in this document is close to the Harvard bibliography style.

Abstract The style adopted in this document is close to the Harvard bibliography style. The differences are essentially in the in-text citation/referencing. The bibliography-Harvard style requires “et al.” to be used when there are more than three authors. The style used in this document adheres to the APA requirement, which requires “et al.” to be […]

Data Sources

Introduction According to Villanova University, data sources are a component of Business Intelligence refers to a variety of stored data (raw data from which meaningful information can be derived). (Body Section, para.6) Secondly, data sources can also refer to a location whereby various forms of data relevant to business intelligence are stored (Introduction section, para […]