In this study, the theory of Psychoanalysis has been used as a mechanism to find out the hidden meaning of the novel “The Comeback”, particularly with the character of Grace. In the same way, we become familiars with the execution of the Trauma theory. Grace faces trauma in the form of childhood sexual abuse and […]

CHAPTER 2:  Abnormal Behaviour:  Childhood Sexual Abuse and Abnormal Behavior

Grace has abnormal behavior because of childhood sexual abuse. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (1999), early childhood sexual abuse leads to neurodevelopmental abnormalities in the temporal behavior of the victim.  Mediating sexual arousal and erotic discrimination lead towards badly impacting the cognitive aspects of sexual desire and behavior. In this […]

CHAPTER 1:   Sexual Abuse: Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Aftereffects on Grace

Childhood sexual abuse impacts the victim in the adult age.  Childhood is the age of learning and developing character where a child learns to understand the meaning of being protected. According to Herman, (1992) having stability and a childhood healthy environment allow you to form solid and safe relationships later in life, however, this is […]

   Introduction: psychoanalytical study is the study of the novel “The Comeback”

Abstract  This psychoanalytical study is the study of the novel “The Comeback” written by Ella Berman in 2020. Frued (1950) proclaims that Psychoanalysis theory deals with the specific premises of the workings of the mind. Most of the novel’s chapters deal with Grace’s character, who is exploited and manipulated at the age of fourteen by […]

Language and Print Literacy development

Introduction A step towards the understanding of language and print literacy is the early keystone for any child. There is a need to understand the concept of language and how the language development process starts in the mind of a child. Language is an organized system of human communication based on words, structurally organized to […]

Essay on Cyber Security

Introduction Cyber security legislation is the need of the day in the USA. Though some rules are there for better security and protection of damage to the internet users however crimes ratio advocates that present legislation is not enough to deal with cybercrimes effectively. Even in 2020, 38 states of America are lacking cyber security […]

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